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This blog basically provides information related to black magic and hence is a sort of platform for people who wish to discuss this on a broad scale. Black magic is the negative use of energies and powers by jealous or malicious human beings who seek undue advantage from people around them, methods such as voodoo dolls, hypnotizing etc are used. Black magic can be used to harm and hurt people from even a distance of thousand miles by using the above mentioned methods. With increase of jealousy, frustration, greed, selfishness, negativity, and inability to accept other's happiness and growth, the use of black magic has become the most common method of taking out one's frustration and get an evil sort of satisfaction from the turmoil of others.


The roots of magic come from the Celts, a people living between 700 BC and 100 AD. Magic can affect many outcomes, some good and some evil, depending on the type of magic and the intentions of the practitioner. It was also practiced in ancient Egypt and then in Babylon by the pagans. The more well-known types of magic are denoted by colors
“"Black magic" is performed with the intention of harming another being, either as a means of building the practitioner's power or as the goal itself. The underlying ideology upon which black magic is based states that the practitioner and his or her pursuit of knowledge and/or physical well-being are more important than other concerns, theological or ethical.
"Green magic" involves the practitioner's attuning himself or herself to nature and the world around him or her.
"White magic" is where the practitioner attunes him or herself to the needs of human society and attempts to meet those needs. This is a form of "personal betterment" magic, and does not entail harming other beings.
"Grey magic" is magic that is neither green, nor black, nor white, and which usually replaces the absolute stand of these realms with an ethical code that is particular to the practitioner. It is a type of magic all its own, and may be used for many different purposes.
"Folk magic" is an eclectic collection of Herbalism, faith healing, curses and hexes, candle magic, and other workings that has thrived in rural areas for centuries. There is also the term, "hedge wizard," which refers to an individual who attempts to practice magic with little or no formal training”. (History of Witchcraft and Magic)

Effects of black magic

Black magic can be used to harm or hurt other person by performing certain acts. Because of an increase in jealousy, frustration, selfishness, greed and inability to accept other person happiness, the use of black magic has become the most common way to take out one frustration and get an evil kind of satisfaction from the turmoil of others. This problem has been increased in the last few years and most of the spells are cast by closest relatives. Symptoms include hatred between husband and wife, feeling breathless, constant bad dreams, rapid hair loss, sudden loss in studies, inability to get married and many more.

Believers and Non believers

If we go to recent past two or three decades back we would find that a very large portion of our society believes in magic and frequently visit to these Black magicians, Pirs (people who claim to solve problems with Islamic knowledge). Now a day although situation is almost same but a tiny change can be noticed. Relatively less people visit these Black magicians due to basic education and other scientific approaches to the different problems. Our survey showed that almost 57% of the people in Lahore said that they have visited the Black magicians. No previous data or research is available related to this question. So we can not exactly estimate whether any noticeable change has occurred in people behaviors or no change has occurred at all. The general trend shows that there is very small change but statistically we have no prove. But still 57% is a large part of the society keeping in view that now a day’s education of science is increasing.
Mostly lower class of society who are economically and financially not well off and mostly uneducated tends to visit these Black magicians. The result of our questionnaire proved that it is the lower class who visits Black magicians. 56.7% respondents stated that lower class visits, 33.3% said it’s the middle class and only 10% said it’s the upper class who commonly visits Black magicians. This is very important finding because if some specific class goes to Black magicians it means problems that are brought to these Black magicians can also be specified. Because people from same class over all counters to same set of problems.
The reason of lower class going to Black magicians may be because of vicious circle of poverty (an economic term which means poverty is like a circle and it is very difficult to get out of this circle). People cannot see any physical measures that can get them out of that circle. Their forefathers were poor and lived hands to mouth and they are also poor despite of much hard work. So they think because no physical measures can get them out so only supernatural powers and other non physical forces can change It so they visit these Black magicians. Lack of basic education adds strength to this belief. But the educated people say such things does not exists their point might be valid but in reality have they ever faced something supernatural? Something that does happens frequently is it fate or something much more sinister????


Magic is somewhat an international thing. Its stories and believes exist almost in every society of the world. At least the thing “magic” is known to everybody in the world. Some say it magic, some say it witchcraft and some say it “Jadu” but the features related to magic and magic practitioners are almost same in every where varying little due to diversity in culture. From the lands of sand Egypt to the land of worriors Grece there are tales of magic.

Islamic point of view

Practice of magic is prohibited in Islam although in Islam it is believed that magic exists.
“And they followed what the devils used to enchant in the reign of Solomon; Solomon did not commit kufr but these devils did: they used to teach magic to people and they followed such things as were revealed at Babylon to the angels Harut and Marut. But neither of these taught anyone [such things] without saying: We are only for trial; so do not commit kufr. These people used to learn from them that which could sow discord between a man and his wife whereas these things cannot harm anyone without Allah’s permission”. (AL-QUARAN 2:102).


One woman went to a ‘Black magicians’ saying that she wanted him to do something so that her husband started loving her. He gave her something to mix in water. After 3 days the husband died” (The reality of black magic and who practice it, 2008)
“A similarly gruesome murder shook Kasur in April, when Hanif Masih, a black magician, reportedly told two clients, Muhammad Ramiz and Muhammad Aziz, to bring him blood from the jugular vein of a seven-year-old girl who had been raped. The two clients, butchers by trade, were to be revealed the winning numbers of a prize bond draw that carried a Rs 50 million bounty in return. The two butchers and the black magician were arrested and are being tried for the rape and murder of Darakshan, 7. (Muridke ‘black magic’ case: Death sentence for child murderers , 2004)

Black magic exists or not?

Subcontinent is called the land of mysteries. Many things and works are done here which mostly people cannot explain with day to day thinking’s and methods of approaching and explaining a particular problem. This give the scope to many false believes profession. People can be made fool easily on the name of religion, magic, supernatural powers and many more unexplainable (unexplainable by scientific and rational thoughts) objects and works.
Magic practice and believes are also among these things. People (our focus is people of Pakistan especially of Lahore) believe and practice magic especially black magic since very long and that’s the strength of this magic belief that it is prevailing in our society since ancient times because many predated things cannot be proven exactly as false or true. People believe in stories of magic and magic practitioner because these are circulating in society from a long time and because they have listened these stories from their forefathers and because of emotional attachment or because of socialization (how children are grown up in families and societies and ho the beliefs/customs/tradition and norms of the society and family are taught to the children) factor, new generations take these things as proven facts and do not bother to think about it rationally or to research about these things. Here in this blog we will prove that such things exists or not……

Who can do this?

How it is done?

Mostly common people are afraid of dark and horrible places they tend to believe that if this person has spent such a long time in these horrible places he must have some power. So these so called Black magicians enjoy the trust of people. The practitioners of this “art” depend greatly on tools related to death like bones, blood and graveyard; these are used basically to frighten the client mentally. People, naturally and psychologically, are frightened from these things.
Basically these Black magicians use knowledge of human psyche to deal with the clients. Although it is said that few Black magicians really use the art of black magic, but the very existence of the art of black magic is also in question; Whether it really exists or not. These are the questions we have to explore. Fake or not, it is advisable stay away from something of this inauspicious nature. There are also many other methods to get peoples believe in them. For example it’s written in the book by Ubaidullah Tariq
“Now I tell you another incident of professional fake Black magicians. There was a "Kale shah" or "Kale Khan" of "Rajput" cast in a village near "Narowal". I went to him. He had a splendid method to deceive people. He had his man on the way hundred meters away from his place. When I was on the way that men called me and talked to me politely and friendly and gave me a drink to drink. He asked that where are you going and for what purpose are you going. I told him everything. He was listening everything hear and on walkie-talkie the Black magicians was listening everything on the other end. They have the line underneath the ground. When I reached to that Black magicians he called me with my name and told me why I was here. I was surprised by his knowledge and thought this man will do my work definitely” (Dar, 2000, p 13, 14)
This is just one example of how they deceive people and hoe they satisfy their clients. There are thousand other methods that Black magicians use to satisfy their clients. Now days, these Black magicians have their secretary who welcome you when you enter on their shop. (Yes, they have shops like other trader and business have). These secretaries extract information from you in fashion that you even cannot realize that you are providing them any information and then they passed the information to their Black magicians through telecommunication or other ways. When you enter in Black magicians room he tells you everything about you and you just start believing that he is the man.
The other thing that they use to satisfy is the use of the things that most common people are afraid of for example blood, graveyard, darkness, black cats in the dark night, bones. These things are associated with practice and learning of magic especially black magic. They tell the horrible stories of how they learnt the black magic so that the client gets depressed mentally and emotionally to be unable to question anything. One Black magician tell the tale of its black magic learning “the first thing I have to do is I have to take a bath at twelve thirty at night and wear a whit suit which already been taken for that purpose and which should be clean. It should be worn before the Black magician. In nearby grave yard, the oldest and torn grave was to be selected and I have to sit from it feet side and chant the given sentence twenty one hundred time for forty one continuous night “(Dar, 2000, p 15,16)”
As obvious from that example, they use the people common fear in their own favor.

Problems people think Black magicians can solve

Black magicians claim that they have the solution to every problem. They can solve any problem with in two days even some Black magicians claim that they can solve the problem within one hour but if we observe a little deep we can find that there are some specific problems that people think come under the domain of these Black magicians. These specific problems can also be marked in the advertisements of these Black magicians. These are the problems that people think cannot be solved by physical or other measures. Like most frequent problem is not having the birth of a baby boy. In our society boys are preferred over girls. So parents desperately want the baby boy and for that they are willing to pay any price. Other problems are infertility, loss in business, to improve poor financial conditions, to get the life partner of their own choice, to get revenge from others or to harm others. Following quote is from an article “
“Valentine’s Day in Pakistan seems to mean big business for "Black magicians" or those who practice black magic. They are sought by many to help woo their love or even to arrange a patch-up. So talismans which can get you the person of your dreams or rings which will help you find a soul mate are hot-selling items in this season of love.

He (the Black magician) gave me this sapphire ring. It will help me find my soul mate," said a university-going student who had just seen a Black magician at the bustling "Abpara" neighborhood in the heart of Islamabad.” (Pakistan's jilted lovers try black magic)
Another example of kind of problems that people think Black magician can solve is
“Sometimes mothers approach me to give them a Taweez (amulet) so that their son marries a girl of their choice,”," bragged the Black magician who was sitting outside a mosque.
Women whose husbands have extra-marital affairs also come to me.” (Pakistan's jilted lovers try black magic).

What kind of people adopt this profession?

This is not a simple question. Actually various people adopt this profession. Mostly it is transferred from one generation to the next generation in the same family. “It is the heritage of our family”, most Black magician say. If someone father was a Black magician or Pir the son is also a Black magician or Pir. Father transfers all his knowledge to son so this chain continues. As depicted in this interview

“I got knowledge from my father. The spiritual powers and piousness is in our blood. my grandfather (Kulim mullah Shah) was from Gurdaspur. There he cleaned a haunted villa from jinn’s. He has most spiritual powers of all of us. He transferred all his knowledge to my father. My father helped the people all his life after moving to Pakistan. I learnt this knowledge from my father’s note books, directly from my father and Quran. First I served army now I am serving people. I read all the books of my father”. (Personal communication march 17, 2009).
Most of these Black magicians say they are Syed (from the family of holy prophet Muhammad peace be upon him).they cover themselves under Islam and try to prove that they have the blood of holy prophet (peace be upon him) so they have the right to explain Islam according to their thinking. Most of them are not even Syed. It is just to impress their clients to enjoy the higher social status of being Syed because it is generally believed that Syed are superior to any other cast.
The other people who adopt this profession are those who cannot do anything in society for their living but they have good quality to satisfy the people and earn their trust. So they claim to have supernatural powers and adopt this profession. People actually having the knowledge of these things may also adopt this profession but it is still to be proven.


The research was undertaken in order to test the reality of Black magicians. Different methods (survey and personal interviews) were used to get into the depth of the mystery of these Black magicians. The research showed that most of the Black magicians are fake. Very few of them can provide any spiritual or physical help. Research also showed that mostly poor people and especially women go to the Black magicians. Clients usually visit these to get their financial, marital, child birth and spiritual problems solved. The black magicians use to charge fees varying from person to person in the form of cash or jewelry for their treatment. The point here is that if they are pious helping people then why they are charging money for that as virtuous people have no attraction for money or materialistic things.
The Black magicians use different methods to persuade people including face reading and knowhow of psychology of our people. In reality most of them have no knowledge of black magic. They just wrongly claim to have knowledge of this art but still they have skills to satisfy people and have managed to survive in the society since long time. That’s why still a lot of people visit these Black magicians because somehow they are able to get satisfaction. It is because Black magicians either use religion in their favor or use other tactics. Lack of basic education is forcing the people to peruse with their out dated behavior.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


• A very large number of people suffer from depression and most people think their relatives are their enemies, and Black Magicians exploit this fact. People should consult any physiologist.
• The private cable operators accommodate the local advertisement of Black Magicians so the pemra should keep check and balance on these cable operators
• People should be aware of the fact that larger portion of these Black Magicians are fake and just deceiving the people. Government should take the steps to create awareness in the people about the above fact mentioned above.

• The government should ban the advertisement of fake Black Magic and should make the rules and regulations so that people can be save from the prey of evil Black Magicians and also punish the law breakers.
• Mostly uneducated people cannot think critically. They cannot evaluate things. The government should provide the basic education to the public, so the people can determine whether particular Black Magicians are fake or not.
• There is contradiction about the existence of black magic. The government should form the research institutes for future research.
• Mostly lower class people visit these Black Magicians for financial benefits. The government should take the step to improve the economic condition of the poor people.
•In small countries like Pakistan and India, government led a crackdown on those who practice black magic and fleece innocent people by making false promises and claims. But it seems that society is once again facing this evil practice on a large scale, which is obvious from the fact that many signboards of these Black Magicians and fortune-tellers have reappeared. Even some newspapers and magazines carry their advertisement. The government should move fast and put a ban on such ads, and also punish law-breakers.