Thursday, December 3, 2009


One woman went to a ‘Black magicians’ saying that she wanted him to do something so that her husband started loving her. He gave her something to mix in water. After 3 days the husband died” (The reality of black magic and who practice it, 2008)
“A similarly gruesome murder shook Kasur in April, when Hanif Masih, a black magician, reportedly told two clients, Muhammad Ramiz and Muhammad Aziz, to bring him blood from the jugular vein of a seven-year-old girl who had been raped. The two clients, butchers by trade, were to be revealed the winning numbers of a prize bond draw that carried a Rs 50 million bounty in return. The two butchers and the black magician were arrested and are being tried for the rape and murder of Darakshan, 7. (Muridke ‘black magic’ case: Death sentence for child murderers , 2004)


  1. This two are really tragic incidents. This shows that lust for money can drive a human being crazy. It also unearths the dark side of black magic. Such magicians are bane of our society and should be eliminated.

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