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The roots of magic come from the Celts, a people living between 700 BC and 100 AD. Magic can affect many outcomes, some good and some evil, depending on the type of magic and the intentions of the practitioner. It was also practiced in ancient Egypt and then in Babylon by the pagans. The more well-known types of magic are denoted by colors
“"Black magic" is performed with the intention of harming another being, either as a means of building the practitioner's power or as the goal itself. The underlying ideology upon which black magic is based states that the practitioner and his or her pursuit of knowledge and/or physical well-being are more important than other concerns, theological or ethical.
"Green magic" involves the practitioner's attuning himself or herself to nature and the world around him or her.
"White magic" is where the practitioner attunes him or herself to the needs of human society and attempts to meet those needs. This is a form of "personal betterment" magic, and does not entail harming other beings.
"Grey magic" is magic that is neither green, nor black, nor white, and which usually replaces the absolute stand of these realms with an ethical code that is particular to the practitioner. It is a type of magic all its own, and may be used for many different purposes.
"Folk magic" is an eclectic collection of Herbalism, faith healing, curses and hexes, candle magic, and other workings that has thrived in rural areas for centuries. There is also the term, "hedge wizard," which refers to an individual who attempts to practice magic with little or no formal training”. (History of Witchcraft and Magic)


  1. Quite informative. i didn't knew there were so many types of magic.

  2. yeah i agree with you .
    I was shock to know that there are different types of magic also

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  4. There is also the term, "hedge wizard," which refers to an individual who attempts to practice magic with little or no formal training...

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  5. Black Magic is the conscious use of mind, spirit and matter to program energy and vibration to create a negative manifestation in the mind, spirit and matter of another person. Black Magic is that it is magic used for evil purposes and with the aid of evil spirits or the devil himself. This kind of magic is sometimes referred to as sorcery, and is used towards evil ends. Black magic is applied to magic that is done in a negative manner. Magic performed to bring about destruction or harm someone. Effects of black magic can harm you badly. Intention of black magic can spoil your life. If someone feels jealous to you, that person goes with black magic and bad effect of it will ruin you in very bad manner. Black magic’s effects are really powerful. If you felling something are going wrong in your business or in job, love life, health problems or dispute in family continuously it may be because of black magic effects. Power of black magic effects can affect is truly effective. Black magic has always done with help of evil spirit. Evil spirits spoil your positivity .Effects you in your business, health, or in your deals.

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