Thursday, December 3, 2009

How it is done?

Mostly common people are afraid of dark and horrible places they tend to believe that if this person has spent such a long time in these horrible places he must have some power. So these so called Black magicians enjoy the trust of people. The practitioners of this “art” depend greatly on tools related to death like bones, blood and graveyard; these are used basically to frighten the client mentally. People, naturally and psychologically, are frightened from these things.
Basically these Black magicians use knowledge of human psyche to deal with the clients. Although it is said that few Black magicians really use the art of black magic, but the very existence of the art of black magic is also in question; Whether it really exists or not. These are the questions we have to explore. Fake or not, it is advisable stay away from something of this inauspicious nature. There are also many other methods to get peoples believe in them. For example it’s written in the book by Ubaidullah Tariq
“Now I tell you another incident of professional fake Black magicians. There was a "Kale shah" or "Kale Khan" of "Rajput" cast in a village near "Narowal". I went to him. He had a splendid method to deceive people. He had his man on the way hundred meters away from his place. When I was on the way that men called me and talked to me politely and friendly and gave me a drink to drink. He asked that where are you going and for what purpose are you going. I told him everything. He was listening everything hear and on walkie-talkie the Black magicians was listening everything on the other end. They have the line underneath the ground. When I reached to that Black magicians he called me with my name and told me why I was here. I was surprised by his knowledge and thought this man will do my work definitely” (Dar, 2000, p 13, 14)
This is just one example of how they deceive people and hoe they satisfy their clients. There are thousand other methods that Black magicians use to satisfy their clients. Now days, these Black magicians have their secretary who welcome you when you enter on their shop. (Yes, they have shops like other trader and business have). These secretaries extract information from you in fashion that you even cannot realize that you are providing them any information and then they passed the information to their Black magicians through telecommunication or other ways. When you enter in Black magicians room he tells you everything about you and you just start believing that he is the man.
The other thing that they use to satisfy is the use of the things that most common people are afraid of for example blood, graveyard, darkness, black cats in the dark night, bones. These things are associated with practice and learning of magic especially black magic. They tell the horrible stories of how they learnt the black magic so that the client gets depressed mentally and emotionally to be unable to question anything. One Black magician tell the tale of its black magic learning “the first thing I have to do is I have to take a bath at twelve thirty at night and wear a whit suit which already been taken for that purpose and which should be clean. It should be worn before the Black magician. In nearby grave yard, the oldest and torn grave was to be selected and I have to sit from it feet side and chant the given sentence twenty one hundred time for forty one continuous night “(Dar, 2000, p 15,16)”
As obvious from that example, they use the people common fear in their own favor.


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